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People & Community Studies

Introduction from Jamie O'Pray

Team Leader

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Knowledge Organisers:

Knowledge Organisers provide the core knowledge from our curriculum that the students are required to know to meet curriculum expectations. They are an excellent resource to use for revision in preparation for assessments or examinations.

The KS4 Subject Specific Knowledge Organisers and the link to the KS3 termly booklet can be found in the "In this section" tab at the top right hand side of this page.

Curriculum Information

The People and Community Studies Team teach a variety of courses that enable students to embrace the spiritual, moral and cultural similarities and differences of peoples in the World.

We are a large team of specialist teachers who have a dedicated suite of rooms where we teach students in the 11-19 age range.



Introduction from Alice Gould – Lead Teacher of Psychology


Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. A level Psychology is an introduction to many aspects of this and gives an insight into this fascinating and exciting subject. It gives students a vital foundation for understanding themselves and others around them, crucial in future careers involving working with others. Psychology is a subject discipline which is highly valued by universities and employers.

During their two years of study, students cover a number of research methods topic areas, providing them with an excellent overview of conducting research in the field of psychology. This includes experimental, observational and self-report techniques, data collection, statistical analysis, ethics, ethical implications and socially sensitive research.

Alongside this, students study the six major approaches within Psychology (Biological, Cognitive, Social, Behaviourist, Psychodynamic and Humanistic) considering how these have contributed to Psychology over time and its emergence as a scientific discipline. These go on to form a foundation from which we consider wide-ranging applications such as the cause and treatment of mental health disorders including depression, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder and schizophrenia. We also consider how the approaches can be used to explain gender development and offending behaviour. Students also study additional fascinating core topic areas including attachment, social influence, memory and the major issues and debates within psychology.

The Psychology department is also committed to supporting our students in the development of skills valued by Higher Education. These include accurate, clear and coherent communication of ideas, application of knowledge to real world scenarios as well as developing the critical skills of evaluation, independent thinking and research. Throughout the course we place an emphasis on careers within psychology and opportunities for finding out more about these are provided regularly.

A Level Specification: AQA

Team members:

Alice Gould – Lead Teacher of Psychology

Sue Geoghegan

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