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People & Community Studies

Introduction from Jamie O'Pray

Team Leader

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The People and Community Studies Team teach a variety of courses that enable students to embrace the spiritual, moral and cultural similarities and differences of peoples in the World.

We are a large team of specialist teachers who have a dedicated suite of rooms where we teach students in the 11-19 age range.


Psychology involves the scientific study of human behaviour and attempts to explain what makes us who we are. Studying an A level in Psychology covers a broad range of topics such as explanations for abnormal behaviour, scientific research methods, infant development, schizophrenia and the psychology of offending (forensics).

Psychology is studied as an A level in the Corsham 6th. A level Psychology is a fascinating subject that allows students to develop an invaluable understanding of the world around them, as well as themselves. It is a subject that is highly applicable to real life and a valued subject discipline by Universities and employers.

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