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Exams information & results

Examinations Team

Mrs Carole Whittingham, Data and Examinations Manager (

Mr Oliver Morris, Examinations Officer (

Miss Toni Jackson, Exams and Data Administrator (


Please find all the information that you might need with regard to Examinations within The Corsham School. If the information below does not answer the questions that you have please feel free to email Mr Morris or Miss Jackson on the emails above, and they will endeavour to answer your questions.

Upcoming Exam Dates for Y13, Y11 and Y10 - 2023


  • 15 May - 28 June - Formal Written Exam Season LIVE EXAM


  • 15 May - 28 June - Formal Written Exam Season LIVE EXAM 

Summer 2023 External Examination Timetables

Students (and their parents/carers) were emailed their personal exam timetable for the external summer season on Friday 24 March 2023.  If you have any questions relating to this or cannot find the email with your timetable attached, please contact the Examinations Officer, Mr Morris (contact details at the top of this page).

Please remember that since these are formal external examinations, the dates and times on students’ personal exam timetables are final and cannot be moved.

Summer 2023 Contingency Day

The JCQ has set Wednesday 28 June as its final ‘Contingency Day’ for summer ‘in the event of national or significant local disruption to examinations’.  Therefore, all students must be available to attend school all the way through June, up to and including Wednesday 28 June.

Y10 PPE’s

This exam session will run from Tuesday 20 June to Monday 10 July.  Exam timetables will be issued to all students and their parents/carers via email after half term. 

Please find the full Y10 PPE timetable below:

Y10 PPE Timetable

If you have any questions relating to this please contact the Examinations Officer, Mr Morris or Exams and Data Administrator, Ms Jackson (contact details at the top of this page).

Exam Results 2023


The exam results for all A-Level qualifications will be available to collect from school by students on Thursday 17 August between 9:00AM and 1:00PM.


The exam results for all GCSE qualifications will be available to collect from school by students on Thursday 24 August between 9:00AM and 1:00PM.

Only the individual students can collect their results, we cannot give results to anyone other than the named student.

If students are unable to collect their results, then please let the Exams Team know in advance, and we can liaise to find an alternative solution.

JCQ Candidate Information and Instructions 2022/2023

Please find the links to important information and instructions from the JCQ, Joint Council for Qualifications, these documents outline different aspects of the examinations.

For any specific questions that you cannot find answered in the documents below please refer to the JCQ website,, or please email Mr Morris or Miss Jackson.

Information for Candidates - On your Exam Day

Information for Candidates - Written Exams

Information for Candidates - NEA

Information for Candidates - Privacy Notice

Information for Candidates - Social Media

Unauthorised Items Poster

Warning to Candidate Poster

Exam Regulations and Requirements

JCQ Exam Room Regulations 

For further information regarding the regulations of the exam room, please follow this link to the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) website, where you can view a range of documents that outline what is and isn’t permitted in an exam.

For any specific questions that you cannot find answered on the JCQ website, please email Mr Morris or Miss Jackson.

Equipment Required for Exams

All students must be aware that it is their own responsibility to bring with them to their exams all the stationery/equipment that might be required.  The Exams Office does have spare stationery/equipment for use in emergencies but students must make every effort to bring their own equipment with them in order to ensure that they have everything they might need to complete their exam.  Depending on the exam being sat, this would include:

  • A pen (plus a back-up pen in case it runs out)
  • A pencil, eraser and pencil sharpener
  • A ruler
  • A calculator, compass, protractor (for Maths and Science exams)
  • Coloured pencils

Students may also bring highlighter pens in order to highlight important parts of the question; however, they should note that their written answers may not be highlighted in any way.

If students bring a pencil-case into the exam-room then it must be 100% see-through and with no writing on it at all.

Lastly, students may bring a drink into the exam-room; however, this must be in a see-through bottle and all labelling on that bottle must have been removed prior to entering the exam-room.

Certificate Information 2022

Summer 2022 Certificates

These will be sent to the school, from the exam boards, in late 2022.  As such, they will be issued to students in early 2023.  This will be in the following way:

Y11 and Y13 leavers

Certificates have now all been posted out, by Second Class ‘Signed For’ delivery, to the student’s home address. All certificates posted by ‘Signed For’ delivery will have to be signed for at the point of delivery. If they are unable to deliver the certificates, they will be returned to the school in due course.

Y11 students who progress into Y12 at The Corsham School

Certificates have now been issued to all students that progressed to Y12.

Examination Certificates Prior to Summer 2022

Please email Mr Morris or Miss Jackson who will check if the school still has copies of your exam certificates and advise accordingly.  If the school does still have copies of your certificates then the three options for collection will be the same as those listed above.

Lost Certificates

Each Exam Board has a different system for dealing with lost certificates. You should not assume that you will be able to buy replacements, so please keep them safe!  Any applications for replacements must be made by the candidate and cannot be made by the school on the candidate’s behalf.

It is becoming increasingly important that you keep your original certificates safe to show future further education establishments or future employers.  We can provide you with a letter (on headed paper) confirming your grades and signed by a member of the Examinations Team.  This may satisfy an employer who has asked for confirmation of your results.