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Knowledge Organisers:

Knowledge Organisers provide the core knowledge from our curriculum that the students are required to know to meet curriculum expectations. They are an excellent resource to use for revision in preparation for assessments or examinations.

The KS4 Subject Specific Knowledge Organisers and the link to the KS3 termly booklet can be found in the "In this section" tab at the top right hand side of this page.

Curriculum Information

In a global economy and with young people travelling more than ever before, being able to speak another language has become increasingly important and beneficial.

Here at The Corsham School, our lessons equip students with the skills that enable them to function independently in a foreign language, empowering them to become confident and successful communicators.

Learning languages with us is fun, varied and engaging; students make rapid progress through multiple teaching methods and a diverse range of tasks and activities. We use a combination of traditional and modern resources which are enhanced by authentic materials from around the world.

Each September, we celebrate The European Day of Languages with various games, quizzes, competitions and tasters of new languages: BSL, Japanese and Welsh - to name but a few!

We run a very successful day trip to Boulogne for Year 7 students and have well-established and popular yearly exchanges with Collège Samuel Dumenieu, Montendre, and Schiller Oberschule, Berlin.

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