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Student Wellbeing

Corsham6th Tutors, Pastoral Care & Well-being

At Corsham School, the pastoral care extended throughout the school is very important to us. Relationships between students and staff are strong and a caring, friendly atmosphere is evident. Corsham6th Students have a new tutor in Year 12 and stay with this tutor for Year 12 and Year 13. Our tutor groups are exclusively either year 12 students or year 13 students. This allows us to tailor our tutorial programme to meet the demands of the different stages of the 6th form journey. For example, Year 12 will focus on transition and Year 13 focussing on next steps eg University, apprenticeships or employement. Our combined core sessions allow opportunities for our year 13 students to show the year 12 the ropes in terms of study, organisation, UCAS applications and EPQ projects.

Students meet their tutor daily in Year 12 and in Year 13. The tutor gets to know students personally, monitors attendance, gives out notices and letters and encourages involvement in extracurricular activities. They also provide academic mentoring, as a tutor group and termly on a 1:1 basis, and assistance with planning for the next stage.

We also have Mindfulness and Yoga sessions which are hugely popular and have a significant positive impact on student well-being. More Information can be found on the Corsham6th Weekly Bulletin which is shared with parents and students.

Our experienced Tutors also provide guidance in the following areas: 
Corsham6th Standards 

  • Attendance and punctuality 
  • Personal organisation 

Independent Learning 

  • Effective learning habits, behaviours and skills 
  • Revision planning, memorisation and examination technique 
  • Making the most of resources available to support learning 


  • Planning for destinations after leaving school 
  • UCAS applications 
  • Careers information 
  • Study skills 

Our tutors, and their contact details, are detailed below: 

12B Ms A McGhee
12F Mrs L Basley

Ms L Fairhurst


Mr P Wilkes

12B2 Mr L Howard
13B Mr S Withey
13B2 Mrs K Everson
13F Mr A Davis
13H Mrs R Richards
13S Ms S Wallin & Ms H Gratton        &

Tutors are the first point of contact for parents and write reports and references for students during their time in Corsham6th. Mrs Cooper Director of Corsham6th, and Dr Sage, Deputy Director of Corsham6th, are also available to students and parents:

Mrs E Cooper - AHT - Director of Corsham6th

Dr C Sage - Deputy Director of Corsham6th

Dr Sageis responsible for Year 12 EPQ lessons and organises the CORE curriculum. The CORE curriculum includes careers advice with regular visits from outside speakers from universities and other organisations. In the summer term of Year 12, Mrs Cooper and Dr Sage launch the UCAS process and guide and assist students through this process from writing personal statements, finalising the school reference, through to submitting applications.