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Staff list

Please find below a list of all staff who work at the Corsham School

Leadership Group

Headteacher: Rod Bell –

Deputy Headteacher: Marcus Chapman –
Deputy Headteacher: Christopher Smith (Pastoral) -

Assistant Headteacher – Teaching & Learning: Rebekah Bartlett –

Assistant Headteacher – Head of Corsham 6th: Emma Cooper –

Assistant Headteacher – Achievement & Intervention –

School Business Manager: Amanda Chapman-Richardson –


Site Team

Site Manager: Lorraine Carter

Team Member: Paul Edwards


Pastoral Leaders

Head of Year 7: Emma Fairbairn -

Head of Burlington House: Kelvin Rogers -

Head of Freestone House: 

Head of Hazelbury House: Phil White -

Head of Stockwell House: Justin Derby -


Admissions & Transition

Transition & Admissions Co-ordinator: Sue Geoghegan –


Curriculum Teams

Art, Design, Photography & Technology

Curriculum Team Leader: Lead Teacher Design & Technology: Sara Knight

2nd in charge of Design & Technology: Alison McGhee –

Teacher of Art: 

Teacher of Design Technology: Lysa Fairhurst –

Teacher of Art, Photography & Design Technology: Hayley Ghent –

Teacher of Art: Rebecca McCarthy-Carter –

Teacher of Art & Photography: Kelvin Rogers

Business & Economics

Teacher of Business & Economics: Eunice Ndiritu -

Computing & IT

Curriculum Team Leader: Paul Fletcher -

Teacher of Computing & IT: Christopher Adams –


Curriculum Team Leader: Charlotte Derham –


Curriculum Team Leader: Paul Wilkes –

2nd in charge of English: Andrew Sayles –

Literacy Co-Ordinator & Teacher of English: Kirstie Durbin –

Teacher of English: Louise Basley –

Teacher of English: Nicole Bayley -

Teacher of English: Tim Brown –

Teacher of Media Studies: Kerry Everson –

Teacher of English: Hollie Gratton –

Teacher of English: Sara Wallin –

Teacher of English: Emma Vogwell –


Curriculum Team Leader: Jon Taylor -

Teacher of Geography: Santosh Balu –

Teacher of Geography: Francis McInally –

History & Politics

Curriculum Team Leader: Julia Browne –

2nd in charge of History: Fiona Cummins –

Teacher of History & Politics: Andrea Howard –


Curriculum Team Leader: Sue Hawkins –

2nd in charge of Languages: Louise Holden – 

Teacher of Languages: Emma Fairbairn –

Teacher of Languages: Elizabeth Hjelm 


Curriculum Team Leader: Alun Davis –

2nd in charge of Maths: Aurelia Davis –

Teacher of Maths: Alison Crawley –

Teacher of Maths: Lee Howard –

Teacher of Maths: Caroline Morgan –

Teacher of Maths: Rebecca Young – 


Curriculum Team Leader: Victoria Chiles –

Teacher of Music: Sam Lusted –

Physical Education

Curriculum Team Leader: Sarah Humphreys –

2nd in charge of PE: Justin Derby –

Teacher of PE: 

Teacher of PE: Elizabeth Killigrew –

Teacher of PE: Tyler Lewis –

School Sports Co-ordinator: Lucy Long –

People & Community Studies

Curriculum Team Leader: Jamie O’Pray –

2nd in charge of P&C: Sarah Dustan –

Teacher of P&C: Tim Bligh –


Team Leader for Biology: Shane Withey –

Team Leader for Chemistry: Rebecca Richards –

Team Leader for Physics: Dave Brown –

Teacher of Science: Richard Curtis –

Teacher of Science: Sarah Gleave –

Teacher of Science: Alice Gould –

Teacher of Science: Emma Stevens –

Teacher of Science: Phil White – 


Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Learning Support Team

SENCO: Sarah Warr –

Inclusion Co-ordinator –