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House system

The culture of a school, the way it feels to be part of a school community, is shaped by the way the students from all ages groups interact with each other, their teachers and people in the wider neighbourhood. We want our students to support each other, challenge each other, celebrate each other’s successes and ultimately drive each other to achieve more. We also believe that students need opportunities to excel in activities and challenges beyond the classroom. Our house system provides more opportunities for these positive interactions, as well as chances to develop leadership and team building skills through a variety of events and activities across Year Groups.

On admission, students are allocated to a tutor group in a House with a tutor who will remain with them throughout their school life. The specific welfare and progress of Year 7 students is overseen by our dedicated Year 7 team led by Ms Fairbairn (Year Learning Manager) and Ms Geoghegan (Transition Manager). However, in Term 6 of Year 7, students move fully into the House system under the care of one of the House Heads:

  • Burlington House - Ms T Elliott
  • Freestone House -  Ms L Sutton
  • Hazelbury House - Mr P White
  • Stockwell House - Mr J Derby

Each House name has some connection with the remarkable network of quarries and bunkers which lie beneath the area. The Bath stone from these quarries has helped create many of the beautiful buildings which surround us and the bunkers and tunnels are a truly unique part of Britain’s history.