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Dress Code


Corsham6th Dress Code 

The Corsham6th Dress Code is based on what would be regarded as suitable attire for a young European professional working in an office or office based creative environment.

This could include a combination of jeans /jeans style trousers/chinos or other smart trousers, skirt, dress; shirt, polo-shirt, plain t-shirt; jumper, jacket sweatshirts suitable for the workplace so not hoodies. Tops should not be low-cut at the neckline, cut short under the midriff, see-through or cropp0ed at the waist. Leggings may be worn with a suitable skirt or long top but should not be worn as a substitute for trousers. Unsuitable slogans are not acceptable.

All clothing should be clean and free from tears and rips. Tracksuit bottoms are not permitted unless worn for a sport related reason. Shorts are permitted but should be tailored, e.g. Chino not denim; length should be slightly above the knee, no shorter. Skirt length should reflect the professional environment and should be a hand's width above the knee but no shorter.

Footwear should be suitable for the school environment so flip-flops are unacceptable.