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Introduction from Drama

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Knowledge Organisers:

Knowledge Organisers provide the core knowledge from our curriculum that the students are required to know to meet curriculum expectations. They are an excellent resource to use for revision in preparation for assessments or examinations.

The KS4 Subject Specific Knowledge Organisers and the link to the KS3 termly booklet can be found in the "In this section" tab at the top right hand side of this page.

Curriculum Information

Drama is an art form. Drama in education provides students with the ability to see clearly, to analyse, reflect, make judgements and link information from diverse sources to generate new ideas.

Students learn to communicate ideas, feelings and emotions by creating their own drama, building self-confidence and promoting team work.

The Drama Team at Corsham School seeks to provide students with a theatrical vocabulary and a means with which to express this in performance. In doing so, students develop an understanding of human experience, both past and present, through experimentation and appreciation of a wide variety of styles and cultures. Students are encouraged to adapt to and respect other ways of thinking and working through group-based activities, negotiation and problem-solving. Students are encouraged to develop the capacity for creative thought and action, the ability to innovate, initiate and make effective responses.

Education in Drama offers those rewards that are inherent in creating and studying theatre itself. Education through Drama produces outcomes that are related to learning in other fields. Drama education benefits both students and society. It cultivates the whole person building many kinds of literacy whilst developing dexterity with unique forms of expression and communication. This process requires not merely an active mind but a trained one.