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It is very important to us that we work closely in partnership with parents and carers, and communication between home and school is key. We recognise however that it can often be difficult communicating with teachers because they have a very full timetable; and we recognise that parents and carers also have very busy lives.

Please be assured that your communication with the school is important and we will endeavour to provide you with a response within the same working day where possible. Where this is not possible we will aim to respond to you within no more than 2 working days.

Student Planner

· Communication by student planner is the preferred method:

· Notes in student planners are by far the best way to get a message to a teacher promptly and should be used for the majority of everyday communication;

· The student is responsible for showing the note to the correct teacher. This is the best way to ask them to contact you if you require a more detailed conversation.


Effective telephone communication can sometimes be a problem in a school, where teachers may be teaching full­time and running clubs or working with Students at lunchtime or after school. Parents and carers may be frustrated if they feel that a message elicits no immediate reply, when in fact there has been no available opportunity for the member of staff to reach a telephone to return a call.

In a non-emergency a return call will be made within 2 working days, with any follow up action from the outline of the request /query/problem being dealt with within 10 working days. Staff will make a file note recording details of any telephone conversations with a parent, carer.

· Please use the main reception number (01249 713284) to leave a message for a teacher or Tutor to contact you:

· Reception staff will relay messages to school staff as soon as possible.

· If a call is urgent, please inform the receptionist who will attempt to find a senior member of staff to speak to you.

· Please note lessons will never be interrupted for teachers to take calls.


Please use staff email addresses if you need to contact staff directly:

· Teachers are not in a position to check emails consistently throughout the day and the school does not expect work email to be checked during a teacher’s personal time.

· There is no expectation for our staff to read or answer emails sent between 6pm and 8am in the week or any time at weekends or during school holidays.

· Parents and carers may wish to contact the school via E­mail for a general enquiry as an alternative to telephone or letter. The school E­mail address is:

· Under no circumstances should staff contact Students or parents and carers using their own personal e­mail address.

In a non¬emergency a return email will be made within 2 working days, with any follow up action from the outline of the request /query/problem being dealt with within 10 working days.

Notifying us of absence

If a child is absent, parents and carers are asked to contact the school as soon as possible on the morning of the absence. In the event of failure to notify the school on the first day of any absence a text will be sent or telephone call will be made requesting that the parent/carer contacts the school to confirm the pupil’s absence.

The preferred method of contacting the school to notify of student absence is email