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Business Studies & Economics

Introduction from Eunice Ndiritu

Team Leader

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The Business Studies and Economics department aims to provide an interesting and creative learning environment so the students can develop as independent learners.

We encourage students to participate in different learning methods such as presentations, group work and role play to develop their understanding of Business studies and Economics in the current Business environment. We offer the following:

Knowledge Organisers:

Knowledge Organisers provide the core knowledge from our curriculum that the students are required to know to meet curriculum expectations. They are an excellent resource to use for revision in preparation for assessments or examinations.

The KS4 Subject Specific Knowledge Organisers and the link to the KS3 termly booklet can be found in the "In this section" tab at the top right hand side of this page.

Curriculum Information

NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Business & Enterprise

This course offers an introduction to business and enterprise that includes a vocational and project-based element. The qualification will enable students to pursue a career in the business and enterprise sector or progress onto further study.

Edexcel A Level Business

A Level Business is a dynamic subject that incorporates global developments, legal changes and technical innovations so will require students to develop their independent learning skills by keeping abreast of current affairs. Students will also have the opportunity to engage with real case studies in order to develop their understanding and to apply the theory that they will learn.

Edexcel A Level Economics

Economics is a popular subject and affect all our lives every day. Students will gain the opportunity to study and investigate real life economic issues and apply them to all aspects of their academic and personal lives.

Students will not only have core understanding of economics, but instil a passion and interest that continues outside of the classroom. We have incredibly high expectations and we encourage all our students to think independently, be challenged and achieve highly.

The aim of this syllabus is to provide students with a critical understanding of the economic world in which we live by applying concepts to real world problems and situations. Students should develop a greater understanding of contemporary economic issues such as unemployment, inflation and government policy.

Team member:

Francis McInally