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Pupils are expected to attend school every day in order to achieve their full academic potential and develop social and personal skills so vital to success as they grow into young adults.

We expect them to attend school 100 % of the time with a minimum target of at least 97%, though we recognise, of course, that there are sometimes genuine medical reasons which prevent this from happening. In these cases, we require parents and carers to inform us at the earliest opportunity so that we are fully aware and can support them when necessary.

We monitor pupil attendance figures carefully and will intervene once concerns are raised. We work closely with our designated Educational Welfare Officer Mrs. Maxine Garner who will become involved if serious non-attendance develops.

Maxine Garner is available to advise parents about attendance matters.
Her email address is as follows:-

The Attendance Officer based in the school is Mrs. Susannah Bennett

Term-time absence requests

Term-time absences will not be authorised unless highly exceptional circumstances are established and supporting paperwork is submitted well in advance. Our current form is available on the link below.
Alternatively, forms are available from the Attendance Officer via Main Reception and Student Reception.



Notification of unavoidable absence (e.g. illness)

free text message: 01249 400019
phone absence line:

01249 702086 

Attendance Officer - Mrs Susannah Bennett

Messages can also be sent using a smartphone or tablet through the School Gateway app available from the School Gateway website.