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The Corsham School GCSE Results 2020

Students at The Corsham School are again celebrating another set of fantastic GCSE results.

The Corsham School is proud to be celebrating the achievements of all of our Year 11 students who received an outstanding set of GCSE results this morning.

The Corsham School Headteacher, Rod Bell, said: “I would like to congratulate all our students receiving their GCSE results today.  We are thrilled that every one of our students receiving their results this morning has something to be proud of.  Their success is completely deserved and they can have complete confidence that their results are completely justified after all their hard work over the last five years and the rigorous, accurate and ethical process of Centre Assessed grading we have followed.  Their positive attitudes to learning, determination to succeed and hard work have rightly been rewarded.  We pride ourselves on being a truly comprehensive school and it’s wonderful to see so many students meet and surpass their own personal targets, sometimes in very challenging circumstances.  In addition to their academic achievements they have also made significant contributions to the wider life of the school and our community, most noticeably during the recent period of lockdown, and we must celebrate that also; we are proud of the young people they have become.

This success, of course, is testament to the amazing effort of our students, but also significantly the result of the support, guidance and dedication of our incredible staff, who have been totally committed to ensuring our young people are able to thrive in a supportive culture with high expectations.  A special thanks also for the unwavering support of our parents and carers during this incredibly stressful time, not helped by all the uncertainties of recent months.  Parents in Corsham and the surrounding villages can again see the impact of the positive changes and continuous improvements taking place at The Corsham School.

I look forward to welcoming back the vast majority of our students when they return to our Sixth Form shortly and wish those departing to other local colleges or other settings the best of luck with their next steps.  Whether they are staying with us, moving on to college or progressing to Apprenticeships, it’s hugely rewarding to see them move on with a strong set of qualifications already in the bank and we wish them every future success and happiness.”

Rod Bell - Headteacher


Achieving at Corsham6th 

Head of The Corsham School 6th Form, Chris Smith, commented: Year 13 students at The Corsham School have today received their official exam board awarded A level and BTEC results. The unprecedented circumstances, brought about by the global pandemic, mean that these results are unique in that they are grades awarded by the exam boards and not the result of national examinations and externally verified coursework. 

Although the method of arriving at individual results has been different, we continue with results day as we would normally by celebrating Year 13’s success, overall and individually, and by recognising that the vast majority of our students whose relentless dedication and hard work before the enforced lockdown resulted in them securing their preferred university course, apprenticeship or job. Their commitment means they can look forward with confidence to the next stage in their education and careers. Almost 90% of students will be off to their first-choice institutions; this includes many places at prestigious universities such as Warwick, Bath, Bristol, Exeter and Royal Holloway, and two students who will be starting their medics journey.  

However, amongst the celebrations we will be working with some students who will be disappointed with their awarded grades to assess their best way forward.  

We have been incredibly proud of the conduct and community spirit of our students during the pandemic; with many working to support local businesses and also volunteering in care roles to support the vulnerable members of the wider community – for this you should all be very proud. 

Headteacher Rod Bell commented: “Although the methodology of awarding grades has had to be different this year, this should not detract from all the hard work of our amazingly talented Class of 2020 and we must acknowledge and congratulate them on what they have achieved.  We are exceptionally proud of all of our students’ achievements and we wish them every success in their future careers.”

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  • Important update about Child Protection and Safeguarding during COVID-19 school closure

    Published 09/03/20

    Important update about Child Protection and Safeguarding during COVID-19 school closure

    Alongside our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, the following definitions and arrangements apply until further notice:

    Vulnerable children include children who have a social worker with education, health and care (EHC) plans.

    We will liaise with the Local Authority and with parents to decide whether a child with an EHCP needs to continue to be offered a place at school to meet their needs, or whether they can safely have their needs met at home This could include, if necessary, carers, therapists or clinicians visiting the home to provide any essential services. We understand that many children and young people with EHC plans can safely remain at home. Eligibility for free school meals is not a key determining factor in assessing vulnerability.

    Our senior leaders and DSLs (Designated Safeguarding Leads) have the flexibility to offer a place to children who do not have a social worker but for whom some safeguarding needs have already been identified. 

    There is an expectation that vulnerable children who have a social worker will attend an education setting, so long as they do not have underlying health conditions that put them at risk. Local authorities and education settings do not need to complete their usual day-today attendance processes to follow up on non-attendance. We will follow the process set out in Wiltshire Councils flowchart until further notice.

    To support the above, we will, when communicating with parents/carers of vulnerable children, confirm that emergency contact numbers kept on the children’s files are correct and ask for any additional emergency contact numbers where they are available.

    Designated Safeguarding Leads

    To ensure school staff have access to specialist advice and support about safeguarding, the following details apply.


    Job title


    Main registered base

    Phone number

    (office hours)

    Email address

    (please use when out of school office hours)

    Robert Staten

    Assistant Headteacher

    Designated Safeguarding Lead

    Corsham School

    01249 713284

    (school office)

    Lydia Smith

    Inclusion Manager

    Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


    01249 713284

    (school office)

    Chris Smith

    Head of Corsham 6th

    Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


    01249 713284

    (school office)

    N.B. The phone number shown above is the school reception number which is in operation during school opening hours - any concerns will be immediately forwarded to the Safeguarding team for action.  Outside of school hours this message will not be picked up until the following day, so we encourage the use of the email addresses provided.

    Reporting a concern

    Where staff have a concern about a child, they will continue to follow the process outlined in the school’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.

    If a staff member cannot access our established reporting system for safeguarding from home, they will contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead who is available from the list shown above

    Any email containing confidential information will be sent using official school email addresses.

    Where staff are concerned about an adult working with children in the school, they will continue to follow the Wiltshire process set out in the allegations flowchart  published on In the absence of the headteacher and/or Chair of governors, staff will follow the alternative leadership contact arrangements.

    Safeguarding Training and induction

    As DSL training is unlikely to be available during the current outbreak of Covid-19, D/DSL training will continue to meet statutory requirements, even if the refresher training and annual updates are not available within the required timescales. Our D/DSLs will keep up to date by reading government guidance and other relevant newsletters eg NSPCC as they are published.

    All existing school staff have had safeguarding training and have read part 1 of Keeping Children Safe in Education (2019). The DSL will communicate with staff any new local arrangements, as appropriate.

    Where new staff are recruited, or new volunteers enter our school, they will continue to be provided with a safeguarding induction. If staff are deployed from another education or children’s workforce setting to our school, we will take into account the DfE supplementary guidance on safeguarding children during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will follow Wiltshire Council advice about safeguarding in relation to visiting staff/volunteers as it is published and updated on Right Choice until further notice.

    Upon arrival, at the school, visiting staff/volunteers working here on a temporary basis, are given a copy of our safeguarding/child protection policy, including confirmation of D/DSL arrangements.

    Safer recruitment/volunteers and movement of staff

    When recruiting new staff, we will continue to follow the relevant safer recruitment processes for our school, including relevant sections in part 3 of Keeping Children Safe in Education (2019).

    In response to Covid-19, the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) has made changes to its guidance on standard and enhanced DBS ID checking to minimise the need for face-to-face contact. We will follow this guidance
    DBS checks during Covid-19 outbreak

    We will continue to keep the single central record (SCR) up to date as outlined in in KCSIE and will follow Wiltshire Council advice about safeguarding in relation to the SCR and visiting staff/volunteers as it is published and updated on Right Choice until further notice.

    Online safety in schools and colleges

    We will continue to provide a safe online environment for staff and children. This includes the use of an online filtering system. Where children are using computers in school, appropriate supervision will continue to be in place.

    All staff who interact with children, including online, will continue to look out for signs a child may be at risk. Any such concerns will be dealt with as per our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and where appropriate referrals will still be made to children’s social care and as required, the police. Online teaching will follow the same principles as set out in our Staff Code of Conduct. We will ensure any use of online learning tools and systems is in line with privacy and data protection/GDPR requirements.

    Supporting children not in school

    We recognise that school is a protective factor for children and young people and the current circumstances can affect the mental health of pupils and their parents/carers.

    We will devise plans to support any child who is vulnerable and not able to attend school for any reason. Plans will be shared with parents and (social workers where involved) and will be reviewed fortnightly.

    Supporting children in school

    The Headteacher will ensure that appropriate staff are on site and staff to pupil ratio numbers are appropriate. We will refer to the Government guidance for education and childcare settings on how to implement social distancing and continue to follow the advice from Public Health England to limit the risk of spread of Covid -19.

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  • Coronavirus Update 6th July 2020 ‘The extraordinary will take care of itself’.

    Published 19/12/19
      Dear Parents, Carers and Students I hope that you and those around you are all well and coping as best you can with all of the challenges associated with living and working within the Covid-19 pandemic.  As we start week #16 of lock
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  • Have your contact details changed?

    Published 29/11/19

    Dear Parent/Carer, If you have recently changed any of your contact details would you please let us know:

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