Every year The Corsham School gives students the chance to take part in a World Challenge expedition. lasting between ten and thirty-two days. We visit various far flung corners of the globe, giving students the chance to immerse themselves in different cultures and learn about themselves in the vastly differing surroundings of South America, Africa and Asia. Previous World Challenge expeditions have seen our students visit the following countries:

  • 2010 - Peru
  • 2011 - Iceland
  • 2012 - Bolivia
  • 2013 - Morocco
  • 2014 - Vietnam and Cambodia
  • 2015 - Iceland
  • 2016 - India

World Challenge 2016 - India

22 students in two teams completed an epic World Challenge expedition across India during the summer of 2016. Team 1 led by Ms Powell and Mr Balu completed a 10 day trek across the Spiti Valley in the Himalayas climbing to a height of 5000m. Team 2 led by Mrs Bolan and Mr White trekked across the Kullu Valley over 8 days reached a height of 4300m. Teams had to negotiate river crossings and ice traverses as well as the heat. The views were spectacular and the mountain people absolutely delightful. We certainly appreciated just how difficult life was in this environment for the inhabitants and how privileged we were to see it. 

The trek was followed by a long bus and overnight train journey to Jaipur to complete our community work. For example, Team 1 started a water conservation project in a children's home. Jaipur is a desert state and water is in short supply. During the heat wave in India this year, temperatures in the state reached 51C! Both teams worked very hard over several days and were able to make friends with the children and staff and make a real difference to their lives . 

After all this some rest and relaxation was in order. No trip to India would be complete without a trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. This certainly lived up to expectations. It was stunning. 

World Challenge expeditions are organised and run by the students. The experience develops independence, resilience, teamwork, citizenship and a deep understanding of sustainability. Students learn a lot about themselves whilst having a great adventure.