School Uniform

Main items should be purchased from ‘Scholars’ at 68 Market Place, Chippenham.

White school shirts for both boys and girls are available from Scholars, but are also available from a range of other High Street outlets.

Important guidance on other items (further details in the Student Handbook and the Student Dress Code Brochure - see bottom of page)

  • These should be of a conventional smart style, appropriate for uniform wear and offer adequate protection in all weathers. They should be entirely black, made of leather and be able to be polished. Trainers or canvas shoes are not permitted

  • These should be purchased from our approved supplier (Scholars of Chippenham). Please ensure that the size purchased allows the skirt to be worn at an appropriate length. As a guide the hem should be no more than one hand;s width above the knee.  The skirt should not be worn rolled over at the waist

  • School bags should be a conventional ‘back-pack’ style with two straps – any type of ‘fashion bag is not permitted

  • The wearing of ‘hoodies’ is not permitted at school at any time
  • Outdoor coats should be of a conventional style and able to fit over the school jacket if worn in inclement weather
  • Socks should be black or dark grey in colour/Tights should be black opaque

Further guidance and support

If you have any queries about uniform, including the purchase of second-hand items,  please contact the school’s Community Officer, Mrs Lin Wheeler at

Student Dress Code Brochure