School Leadership Group

Headteacher:   Rod Bell -
Deputy Headteacher: Marcus Chapman -
Assistant Headteacher:  Bob Staten, Care & Guidance -

Assistant Headteacher:  Jason Wood, Achievement and Intervention -

Assistant Headteacher:  Rebekah Bartlett, Teaching & Learning -

Assistant Headteacher & Director of Corsham6th :  Christopher Smith, -

School Business Manager:  Amanda Chapman-Richardson -

Heads of House 2018 2019

The team of Year Learning Managers have now been re-formed as the team of House Heads:

Head of Burlington House – Mr Rogers 

Head of Freestone House – Mrs Hobbs  

Head of Hazelbury House – Mr White   

Head of Stockwell House – Mr Derby   

Their role is to oversee the achievement and well-being of the members of their House and help coordinate the many new House events which we are planning for the new year.

Year 7 and Corsham 6th

Ms Fairbairn (Year 7 Learning Manager) will continue to oversee each new Year 7 cohort. Parents/carers of students in year 7 should approach her with any concerns over their childs progress and welfare.

Corsham 6th students will be an important part of the new House system in leadership roles, overseen of course by Mr Smith (Head of Corsham 6th)

Parents and Carers will be contacted by their child’s new Head of House to explain more and we will keep everyone fully informed through the website and in other ways as our House system gets fully underway.

Transition & Admissions Co-ordinator

Sue Geoghegan -


Sarah Warr -

Inclusion Co-ordinator

Lydia Smith -

Careers and Work Related Learning Adviser

Kate Hall  -  can be contacted via Main Reception or email

Student Behaviour Support Manager

Byron Harris -

Other Useful Contact Information  -  Curriculum Subject Team Leaders

Maths & Numeracy

Alun Davis

Visual Arts & Design & Technology

Rachael Sloan


English & Literacy

Paul Wilkes


Charlotte Derham



Shane Withey - Biology

Dave Brown - Physics

Rebecca Richards - Chemistry


Victoria Chiles


Modern Foreign Languages

Sue Hawkins

Physical Education

Sarah Humphreys


People & Community Studies

Liz Beaven

Business Studies & Economics

Karen Jarvis


Stephen Simms


Ian Bodey-Jones



Julia Browne


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