Introduction from Peter Robards

Team Leader

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At The Corsham School we aim to provide pupils with the knowledge that science is not an esoteric subject, but that science has a real relevance to the outside work.

Our focus is on experiential learning, drawing from students’ own experiences to explain much of the world about us.

Specifically in our teaching we aim:

  • To present science as an exciting imaginative and appealing sphere of human endeavour in which everybody can participate regardless of their genre, ethnic origin, class and / or general ability
  • To enable the learner to know and understand scientific concepts and principles
  • To allow pupils to acquire scientific competencies, including methods of exploration and testing of ideas; and know when and how to use science in a positive way. They should be able to communicate with others, using appropriate technology.

Curriculum Structure

Team Members:

  • David Brown (Head of Physics)
  • Ben Crease
  • Richard Curtis
  • Theresa Carlsen
  • Jennifer Davies
  • Sarah Gleave (p/t)
  • Alice Gould
  • Caroline Morgan (p/t)
  • Clare Sage
  • Philip White
  • Shane Withey (Head of Biology)
  • Emma Stevens


  • Fay Stratton (p/t)
  • Max Tyas (p/t)
  • Nicole Lucuta