Morocco 2013


We flew into Tangier and immediately set off to the city of Tetouan. The next day we started our community work with local people. Our task was to build a small section of paved road, starting by assessing the job and going to buy all the construction materials. There was lots of manual work involved like digging up the old road, moving sand and gravel by wheelbarrow and mixing cement. We completed half of the road over three days and the other Corsham team finished off the task during the following three days. We all stayed in a local house and were looked after by a local family. Students also had a chance to play with the local children.

It was now time to embark on our five day trek through the Rif Mountains in the Sahara Desert. The landscape was spectacular and the heat intense. We filled our water bottles at local springs and made early starts in the morning to avoid the afternoon sun. At the campsites we were extremely well looked after by local families cooked our dinner and breakfast. We crossed one high pass where we felt a very welcome cooling breeze.

At the end of the trek we travelled to the ancient city of Chefchaouen. This city was painted in various shades of blue which was the tradition in the days when the local population was mostly jewish. It was a particularly attractive city of full of great shops and restaurants. We departed from the famous city of Casablanca.