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In the modern global economy, the ability to learn languages is crucial, whether for employment or for leisure. Students need an awareness of the diverse nature of cultures in order to expand their horizons.

The Foreign Languages Team believe that language lessons should be fun and useful to all our pupils.  Students make rapid progress through varied class activities and by using varied resources (both modern and traditional), including those from around the world. 

Students are encouraged to work independently on both short tasks and longer projects.

Classwork is reinforced through use of ipads, visits to computer rooms and the making room. 

Each September we celebrate The European Day of Languages with various linguistic, creative and culinary activities. 

We have a strong tradition of successful foreign trips and exchanges.  In recent years we have had Year 7 day trips to France, year 8 two-day trips to Germany and successful exchanges with schools in both France and Germany.

Languages are of great importance in an international world, and are increasingly seen as a vital skill for life in both work and leisure. 

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Curriculum Structure

Team Members:

  • Marcus Chapman 
  • Emma Fairbairn
  • Susan Hawkins (2nd in Foreign Languages)
  • Louise Holden