Introduction from Sarah Warr


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We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to develop and progress at school.

We also recognise that a considerable number of students will, from time to time, need extra support and encouragement to make the most of their opportunities at The Corsham School.

The Learning Support Team works with students who have a wide variety of needs and we aim to offer a high standard of support to those with individual needs.

Students with difficulties include specific learning difficulties (dyslexia), significant learning difficulties, social & communication difficulties, sensory impairment and social, emotional and behavioural difficulties

The provision in place is organised on a continuum that enables students to take their place fully within the school and community.

In order for students to gain their entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum, there is full integration into the school pastoral system and close co-operation with all subject teams.


Team Members:

  • Bob Staten - Assistant Headteacher Care & Guidance
  • Lydia Smith - Inclusion Co-ordinator/Learning Support Team Manager
  • Byron Harris - Student Behaviour Support Manager
  • Sharne Dixon - Student Behaviour Support 
  • Kate Hall - Careers Advisor
  • Sue Wort - Parent Support Advisor


Teaching Assistants:

  • Amanda Beck
  • Teresa Cooper
  • Rosemary Crew
  • Tanya Eckersley
  • Claire Evans
  • Nicola Evans
  • Mandy Guy
  • Melissa Hogger
  • Laura Martinsen
  • Lisa McCormack
  • Laura Wheeler
  • Simon Williams
  • Jane Dobson
  • Danielle Law


The Learning Support Team offers support in a variety of ways, which include:

  • In-class support for mainstream classes
  • Small literacy intervention classes at KS3 including Literacy Progress Units, support for students with Specific Learning Difficulties
  • 1:1 literacy intervention sessions with Teaching Assistants focusing on developing reading, spelling & handwriting skills
  • Year 12 & 13 mentoring programme
  • Social skills groups at KS3 & KS4
  • Support for KS4 students who take part in the Alternative Curriculum
  • Counselling, care & guidance is an integral part of daily routine
  • Advice, training and/or assistance with appropriate teaching methods
  • Provide suitable resources for use with students at all ability levels
  • Provide information on individual students and monitor student’s Individual Education Plans
  • Liaise with outside services and agencies eg. Educational Psychologist, Educational Welfare Officer, Child & Family Therapy Service, Ethnic Minority & Achievement Service

The Learning Support Department has a suite of rooms used for 1:1, small group work and classes.

This includes a classroom that is used for students who have Access Arrangements in examinations.