Introduction from Christopher Smith, Director of Corsham6th

Whether it be 4 A levels, 3 A levels and an amazing EPQ, High level BTECs, Extra GCSEs or simply the chance to retake the key elements from Year 11 that you need, we will be able to accommodate you. Where things don’t go to plan, we always have a vast range of “safety net” strategies up our sleeve to make sure you achieve your goals and get to where you want to go. Our outcomes at Corsham6th are consistently very good to outstanding. Corsham6th is open to all students who will greatly benefit from the courses we offer.

In addition to our academic courses, we also offer timetabled Mindfulness courses for any Corsham6th student wishing to learn to cope better with the demands of modern life. 

In an ever changing educational landscape, we know our curriculum is perfect for the future needs of our students as it has been independently gold seal approved by one of the country’s top University researchers (currently Head of Admissions at the prestigious Bath University, previously Oxford) We offer more teaching time in the crucial Y12 transition into A level than others in the area.

All Y11 students should note that our curriculum offer in 2017 will be broader, more inclusive and higher quality than ever before. This is backed up with the excellent support services that we offer all of our Corsham6th students. Alongside our usual successful subjects, we will be offering a whole range of new subjects in 2017 including Politics, Applied IT (with modules in Gaming), Health and Social/Science BTECs (perfect for getting youngsters into nursing degrees), Media and JournalismMusic Technology is also something we intend to explore.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our relationships that support our students to achieve more than they thought possible. Corsham6th provides an environment in a traditional, academic and supportive setting in which you can achieve success by gaining higher qualifications and developing personally.

Your time in Corsham6th will be the most rewarding of your school career, where you study your choice from the vast and flexible range of high quality courses we offer. They may be familiar subjects taken to a more satisfying depth or new subjects presenting a completely fresh start.

Either way you will be given the best possible flight path to University, further education or career.

Our University fair attracts well over 40 University exhibitors and is now a huge annual event. Many Universities regularly come into school to assist Corsham6th students with various elements of life beyond school. Recently we have had Tutors from Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Bath and UWE working in school with our students. We also offer several experience visits to other institutions.

We are experts in getting all youngsters who wish to go to University the place of their choice including Oxford, Cambridge, Medical School and Russell Group Institutions.

In addition, our annual Careers Fair attracts over 50 local employers and inspires many of our students to apply themselves even more to achieve clearly defined goals.

Corsham6th students approach their studies positively. They are given new freedoms and enjoy taking advantage of new responsibilities that emerge. Corsham6th students enjoy being taught in smaller groups, which allows for personalised learning and feedback. We teach our students the techniques and skills  that they need to succeed in post-16 education and ensure that they become fully independent learners. 

Corsham6th has its own dedicated area in the school. The Corsham6th Centre is the social centre, complete with its own facilities including a café area and relaxation terrace. There is also an independent study room and many students make excellent use of the school library in their study periods.

We are very proud of the huge array of enrichment opportunities that we offer all Corsham6th students. These range from fantastic sporting opportunities to a selection of community volunteer tasks and of course work experience. At Corsham, enrichment is not simply organised free time, but a genuine built in curriculum requirement that has been researched independently and approved as perfect for University progression and career building. Some of these experiences include sessions with Amnesty International, World class Art venues as well as teaching our elderly neighbours functional social media skills. Please see our enrichment page here for more details.

 In any event, please contact us to find out more or to discuss course options,  I am sure we will be able to accommodate your needs.