Iceland 2015


Thirty eight students in two teams completed a five day trek along the Laugavegur Trail between  Landmannalaugar and Thorsmork. This was part of a ten expedition to the youngest land mass on Earth.

Students arrived in Reykavik and immediately had to organise travel from the airport and exchange all of our money into the local currency. The very next day we set off on a five hour journey across southern Iceland to the start point of the trek. Along the way we also had to stop off at a local supermarket and buy all of our food (£1300 per team!!). That was a lot of shopping trollies. Due to the unusually large amount of snow at the top of the trail we had to start half way along for safety reasons. The scenery was spectacular e.g., volcanoes, glaciers, lava fields and glacial outwash floods of black ash. Indeed, this landscape is so otherworldly that it is often used in films as the backdrop of an alien world. The landscape changed from black desolation to lush green fields and raging rivers and we even camped by Eyjafjallajökull, the infamous volcano that grounded all planes in 2010.

Students did all the cooking and leading over the five days and had a well-deserved rest at Thorsmork in the thermal spring at the campsite. We experienced the midnight sun but unfortunately failed to see the northern lights which appeared about two weeks after we left!

Back in Reykavik on the last night we went on a midnight whale watch into the bay and managed to see and smell some minke whales and lots of dolphins. The following morning we went to the Blue Lagoon thermal Spa and soaked in the volcanic water for a couple of hours. People have been doing this since the Vikings first landed here many centuries ago.