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We want all students to enjoy and engage in their learning, and achieve more than they first thought possible, through their study of History.

We believe our subject plays a key role within the school, and in society at large.

By arousing a sense of curiosity, students will be encouraged to learn more about their own cultural roots, and the roots of other societies in our world.

We utilise a range of active teaching and learning techniques, textbooks and 'in-house' materials, site visits, video and DVD materials, interactive whiteboard technology and ICT to encourage engagement.

 We are committed also to fostering our student’s skills in communicating ideas and presenting information, analysing evidence, developing their skills of evaluation, analysis and problem solving.

 Our Department also aims to maximise opportunities for students to develop successful working relationships with others, through discussion, group activities and role play, as well as reinforcing the skills of self-discipline, confidence and independence.

Curriculum Structure

Team Members:

  • Rebekah Bartlett
  • Fiona Cummins (2nd in History)
  • Andrea Howard

Year 9  Trip to Belgium  November 2019