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Y12 A-Level & BTEC Mock Exam Timetable - April & May 2018


Examinations 2018

Date of first GCSE and GCE (AS- and A-Level) exams on the Common Exam Timetable: 14/05/2018

Date of last GCSE exams on the Common Exam Timetable: 22/06/2018

Date of last GCE (AS- and A-Level) exams on the Common Exam Timetable: 26/06/2018

Date of GCE (AS- and A-level) results: 16/08/2018 (from 9:00am onwards)

Date of GCSE results: 23/08/2018 (from 9:00am onwards)

Summer Examinations Timetable 2018