Examinations Information

‘Contingency Day’ for the Summer 2019 Exam Series

The awarding bodies have designated Wednesday 26th June 2019 as a ‘contingency day’ for examinations. This is consistent with the qualification regulators’ document Exam System Contingency Plan: England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The designation of a ‘contingency day’ within the common examination timetable is in the event of national or local disruption to examinations. It is part of the awarding bodies’ standard contingency planning for examinations.

Centres must therefore remind candidates that they must remain available until Wednesday 26th June 2019 should an awarding body need to invoke its contingency plan.

Further information from Ofqual regarding the contingency day for 2019 can be found at the link below:

Be prepared: GCSE and A level exam contingency day 2019

Post Results Information for Summer 2019 Exams


Examination Results Summer 2019

Collection of results

GCE Results day is Thursday 15 August 2019

GCSE Results day is Thursday 22 August 2019

You have three options:

  • To collect them in person from the Exams Office on results day between 9am and 2pm.
  • To provide someone with written authorisation to collect them from the Exams Office on your behalf on results day between 9am and 2pm.
  • To receive them in the post. (All uncollected results are posted out by first class post on results day)

Post-results services

In accordance with the procedures laid down by the examination boards the school provides staff and students with the facility to request particular services following the publishing of results. Such requests must be made through the school; individuals will not be able to request this service directly from the examination boards. The school is charged for these services and so the costs are passed on in some cases to the student. The costs vary from board to board. There is a variety of requests that staff or students can make:

  • Review of marking
  • Request the return of the original script (AQA only).
  • Request the return of a photocopy of the original script
  • Review of marking and return of photocopy or original script
  • Clerical check

The result of any marking review will replace the mark and grade originally awarded. This could result in a mark and grade falling as the result of such a request and so such a request must be considered carefully.

In some cases your teacher may decide to request one of these services, alternatively you can seek the advice of the exams office.

Requests must be made within a short period of time of the publishing of results. Students continuing to University can request a priority service to ensure any changes are received by the Universities in good time.

If you wish to proceed with a request you must speak to the examinations office as soon as possible after the release of results.

All relevant information including forms will be included in your results package.


The documents you receive on Results Day are Statements of Provisional Results and NOT certificates. The certificates are printed and sent to us usually by the November/December after the results have been issued in order to allow for Enquiries about Results (see above) to be processed.

 Certificates will be available for collection after Christmas and you have three options:-

  • To collect them in person from the Exams Office at a pre-arranged time.
  • To provide someone with written authorisation to collect them from the Exams Office on your behalf at a pre-arranged time.
  • To request that they be sent to you by Recorded Delivery. This can be arranged upon receipt of a cheque for £4 made payable to The Corsham School.

It is therefore important that you collect your certificates before that date.

Lost Certificates – each Exam Board has a different system for dealing with lost certificates. You should not assume that you will be able to buy replacements, so keep them safe! Any applications for replacements must be made by the candidate and cannot be made by the school.

It is becoming increasingly important that you keep your original certificates safe to show future further education establishments or future employers. We can provide you with a letter (on headed notepaper) confirming your grades and signed by the Exams Officer. This may satisfy an employer who has asked to see your certificates.