Extra Curricular & Enrichment 2019 - 2020

Extra Curricular & Enrichment 
All of the extra curricular and enrichment opportunities that The Corsham School offers are listed below. Please ask students to check with subject areas before attending in case of any changes.

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After school homework clubs - Mon - Thu

In order to alleviate what can sometimes become a stressful situation at home, The Corsham School provides the following  homework clubs, all having access to computers and printers. Students do not need to sign up for these clubs

Library 3-4pm

Open to all for independent study and those who may require support with their homework. Staffed by Ms Burn Learning Resource Centre Manager.


L21 – 3-4pm

Open to students who receive additional support within the school. Parents will receive a letter of invitation to this club. Staffed by Ms C Evans HLTA, Homework Club Supervisor.


Any queries please email the appropriate member of staff concerned.


Enrichment Activity





Flute & Clarinet Group

Lunchtime All H14



Lunchtime All H14
  Music Coursework Drop in 3-4pm 10,11,12 & 13 H14
  GCSE French Homework Club 3-4pm 10&11 H10
  History GCSE Intervention Lunchtime &
11 H5
  GCSE Art Catch-up session 3-4pm 10 & 11 T21 & T23
  Advanced Guitar Club  3-4pm All H29
  Silver Smithing
(Initial charge of £4 for materials)
3-4pm All T4


Drama Club

Lunchtime 7 DS1
  English 3-4pm 11 R6 & R8
  Jazz Group 3-4pm All H29
  GCSE Food & Nutrition & DT 3-4pm 10 & 11 T9
Thursday Drama Catch up / Revision/ Rehearsal Lunchtime (week 1) 11 DS1
  Creative History  3-4pm 7,8,9 H4a
  History GCSE Homework Club 3-4pm 10,11 H4a
  GCSE Art Catch-up session 3-4pm 10 & 11 T21 & T23
  GCSE Textiles 3-4pm 10 & 11 T7
  GCSE DT Practical 3-4pm 10 & 11 T4
  DT Open Workshop 3-4pm All T4
Friday History GCSE Extended Activities (Appointment only) Lunchtime 10,11 H5
  Beginners Guitar Club  Lunchtime All H29

TCS Physical Education Department

Extra-Curricular Timetable – Terms 1 + 2
Sept - Dec 2019

3-4pm unless otherwise stated – suitable clothing required.
All equipment available in school









Rugby Training

Year 7, 8 and 9


H Block Changing Rooms

Mr Williams, Mr Lewis, Mr Derby

6th Form Football Fixtures


1st XV Rugby Training




Year 7 + 8 Dance club

Miss Bradley

Dance Studio

H block changing rooms

Rugby Training

Year 10/11 – Mr Wood


KS4/5 PE Support

(Lunch Time)


Start date – to be confirmed




KS3 Netball Training

Year 7, 8 and 9

Mrs Killigrew

Mrs Humphreys

Miss Bradley

All on S block courts

S Block changing rooms

KS3 girls Football club

Year 7, 8 and 9

Mrs Hughes

H block

KS4 Hockey Training

Years 10 - 13

Mrs Humphreys

ASTRO – H block

KS4/5 PE Support

(Lunch Time)


Start date – to be confirmed


If you have any further enquiries about enrichment within specific subjects, please see curriculum pages for details of Curriculum Team Leaders email addresses. If you have a more general enquiry, please email Enrichment leader Chris Smith at CSmith@corsham.wilts.sch.uk