Success in English leads to success in other areas of the curriculum and the Team works hard to promote standards of literacy across the school – not only through delivery of the National Curriculum but also via a wide range of extra-curricular activities and workshops.

We are keen to promote independent reading and encourage pupils to respond critically and analytically to what they read.

We want pupils to enjoy lessons and the work they undertake within English.

We create as many ‘real’ writing situations as possible, encouraging pupils to enter competitions and to produce a range of written work for real audiences.

We make extensive use of the school’s Making Room as one of the means by which we encourage active and creative responses to the literature pupils encounter.

The Team occupies the ground floor of the new teaching block, although due to increase in pupil numbers, some staff also teach elsewhere.

Media and Film Studies students have access to a purpose built Media Centre.

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Curriculum Structure

Team Members:

  • Louise Basley
  • Tim Brown
  • Victoria Cox (2 i/c English)
  • Kirstie Durbin
  • Kerry Everson (Head of Media Studies)
  • Hollie Gratton
  • Josephine May
  • Andrew Sayles (p/t)
  • Bob Staten
  • Sara Wallin
  • Paul Wilkes (Head of English)