Attendance for Achievement

Good attendance at school can only improve life chances for all students. Our aim is for all students to aspire to achieve 100% attendance with a minimum attendance target of 97%. We monitor all students whose attendance drops below this and review attendance fortnightly. We will contact you to explain when we are concerned that your child’s current attendance level is likely to have an impact on their achievement.

Any student whose attendance drops below 90% is a major cause for concern. This is the figure where the government regards a student as a persistent absentee. For some, 90% sounds quite good – after all 90% is a test would be excellent. However, with school attendance this is simply unacceptable:

· 90% attendance means a child is missing half a day a week (approximately 20 school days)

· Over a year, this means missing 4 full weeks of school

· A student who finishes a school year on 90% attendance will have missed approximately 100 lessons

· Over their 5 years at Corsham it would mean students missing half a school year

No employer would accept 90% attendance and it is our duty to instil in our students that good attendance is important in helping them to prepare for the world beyond education.                         

Parents and carers play a vital role in ensuring good attendance and can support students by:

· Establishing regular and early bed times to provide sufficient sleep

· Ensuring students set alarm times or give wake-up calls in plenty of time to have a healthy breakfast

· Encouraging students to have uniform and equipment ready the night before

· Where possible, arranging routine medical appointments outside school hours. If that is not possible, first thing in the morning so the student is in school before the end of break time or as late as possible in the day so the student leaves school after 2.30 pm

· Reporting any concerns promptly and maintaining open and honest communication with school


Keeping us informed

To inform the school's Attendance Officer regarding absence or lateness, please contact her directly by email at:  or send a free text message to 01249 400019.

You can also phone the absence line on 01249 713284 

Messages can also be sent using a smartphone or tablet through the  School Gateway 'app'' available from the School Gateway website.

School Gateway Website

Monitoring attendance

Our attendance officer will contact home in the case of unexplained absence and the school regularly monitors patterns of attendance in consultation with the Educational Welfare Service. Please note that a figure that drops below 90% is defined by the Government  as ''persistent absence'' and may give rise to further investigation if no acceptable reason is forthcoming.

Corsham School's designated Educational Welfare Officer is Maxine Garner.who can be contacted at the school or by email at